Suggestions for you.

Meditation in Nature

  • Meditation Oasis: How to Meditate in Nature 
    A great resource describing techniques for meditating in nature. The page also features an audio track.
  • Sky Gazing With Chris Sharma (Video)
    A guided meditation with Chris Sharma (a professional climber) and Mark Coleman (founder of Awake in the Wild and The Mindfulness Institute) which focuses on experiencing an open and vast space.
  • Mindful Hiking
    A post by Stephen Altschuler, author of "The Mindful Hiker" on BeliefNet, which provides some practical tips for getting into the practice of mindful hiking. 
  • Mindful Walking (Video)
    A video by Mark Coleman (founder of Awake in the Wild and The Mindfulness Institute)  describing how to practice mindful walking and walking meditation.